No alarm, no sprinkler — WTH?

[photo: JL]

A small fire that occurred inside the Department of Human Resources Records office has raised a lot of questions with regards to the safety of government employees working at the EOB, given that the fire alarm system did not work along with the sprinklers, which were not operational when the fire occurred.
According to DHR Director Sonny Thompson the fire stemmed from air conditioning wires in the ceiling and luckily the immediate action by DHR employees saved the office. “The fire occurred and the sprinklers weren’t working,” said Thompson.
Administrative Services Director Malemo Tausaga, who was also present when Samoa News arrived, stated they are currently working on fixing the sprinkler system and are looking into why the fire alarm did not automatically go off when the fire started.
Samoa News should point out the fire occurred inside the DHR records office, where files of all ASG employees are stored.
Many people, including ASG workers who were in the building at the time of the incident, expressed dismay there was no warning regarding the fire.


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