ASDOE recruiting for teachers in Samoa

LOOKING FOR TEACHERS IN SAMOA: Samasoni Asaele with Fa'auifono Vaitautolu, Deputy Director of American Samoa's Department of Education. [photo: Samoa Observer]

Representatives of the American Samoa government are in the country for a recruitment drive.

They are looking for up to thirty teachers from Samoa to take back to the territory to improve their dwindling stock of teachers.

Fa’aui fono Vai tautolu, the Deputy Director for the Department of Education in American Samoa, told the Samoa Observer yesterday that the drive is not new.

“Recruiting teachers from Samoa is not a new thing,” she said. “Every year there is a shortage of teachers in American Samoa because they would either resign, retire or transfer to other countries.”

According to Fa’auifono, American Samoa lacks qualified teachers for basic subjects such as English, Maths and Science.

The territory also needs teachers for vocational subjects such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Electricial and Mechanical engineering.

“These are the areas we are seeking teachers for and we’re hoping to find them here in Samoa,” Fa’auifono said.

Assistant Director of Secondary Schools in the Department of Education, American Samoa, Samasoni Asaele said the recruitment drive offers good opportunities for teachers in Samoa.

While the officials would not discuss the incentives being offered by the American Samoa government to lure teachers from Samoa across the water, Mr. Asalele said the opportunity is wonderful for teachers who feel that they have something to contribute to the development of American Samoa.

“It’s important that we also find teachers with the Samoan language,” said Mr. Asalele.


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