Dear Editor,
 E viia le Atua ona o lona agalelei i le mamalu o taitai o le malo ma le atunuu.
I'd like to convey my profound thanks to the Honorable Governor and Lt. Governor and leaders, for their solution regarding the "unemployed grads" issue. Although, it was disappointing to know that this issue had to REACH the governor for a solution, making appointed leaders seem incapable of their duties. For some of us, the problem may not necessarily lie with the leaders, but on particularly irresponsible personnel who aren't genuinely dedicated to doing their jobs sufficiently, which resulted in unpleasant experiences for most of us.
The government’s investment through my education helped alleviated tuition. For that, I will always be grateful. Although we may be young, hasty, and evidently very egotistical, our goals and inspiration lies toward the government’s growth and prosperity through service. Thank you for your improvisation. Samoa should have the first privilege to reap in their investment, not the Americans, not the Hawaiians, and certainly not foreign governments.
Most importantly, Thank you to our village leaders, family, and our community for their persistency on the issue. Thank you for returning hope that we almost gave up on. It is wonderfully an exalting feeling to know that we matter to all of you. May this experience help us grow maturely and professionally. Ia viia le Atua i mea uma ua faia ona o le alofa. Soifua.
Samoa, rise up!
Valentine N. Talamoni


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