Re: SAMOA NEWS, Jan 13, 2014, Pages 1 & 14.

Dear Editor,
With all due respect, the article about the Chief Customs Officer (Mr. Vaetagaloa Glen Lefiti) was very absurd. I felt that the Treasurer's perspective on this issue was not factual but immaterial and a pain in the neck to some readers of our government.
Of course, you have power as a director over your work force under your jurisdiction, but when an employee seeking help in legal matters exists, your power has been distracted accordingly without any justification.
The ALJ ruled in Vaetagaloa's favor and the Attorney General advised the Treasurer to comply with (means comply in accordance with the result of the case) the order from ALJ of Am. Samoan government.
Your dictation and bugging the system of our government through the media was unprofessional and not diplomatic.  Chief Vaetagaloa should be reinstated as Chief Customs Officer — his position has been classified as a funded position and a career service under Unit Manning Personnel authorization by Human Resources Management Engineering agency.  The Human Resources is OPR (Office of Primary Responsibility) and should be dealing with this matter and probably honored the result as stated by ALJ and Attorney General of Am. Samoa Government.
Sometimes we have prejudicial and discriminational feelings, but think before you exert yourself in publicity. We have our boss "Governor/Lieutenant Governor" — listen to them.
If Chief Vaetagaloa was suspended for 30 days, (as you mentioned) don't you think that you are violating his constitutional right to remove him from his current position as Chief Customs Officer? Nobody can be punished two times or more on the same offense in a democratic type of government as we are, we are not in a dictatorship. Keep the reputation of our honorable government of American Samoa in an excellent manner.
SUGGESTION: I recommend that you, Treasurer, conduct a Financial Resource Advisor meeting from each work center of our government to control and monitor each work center's money expenditures each month.  The result would be NO overrun budget from each agency till the end of each Fiscal Year.  Have you ever thought of that?  Don't worry too much about Chief Vaetagaloa's case.  It has been finalized by ALJ and Attorney General.  They were appointed by the Governor as leaders and as his legal advisors.  Just make sure you have enough money to pay for our tax returns this year.  Thank You!
Kutara Vaiau,
Concerned Sad Citizen


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