Aid continues to arrive in Ha'apai, Tonga

The Tongan National Emergency Office says aid continues to flood in to Ha'apai following Tropical Cyclone Ian.

The director, Leveni Aho, says 20 tonnes of water, clothing and food items from other parts of Tonga arrived at a warehouse in Ha'apai this morning, and will be distributed by tonight.

Mr Aho says this afternoon, another ferry is expected to arrive with about 30 tonnes of supplies.

He says following a request by the Tongan government, a New Zealand defence force aircraft will arrive with 300 emergency shelter kits to provide temporary shelter for 2000 people.

"We're expecting later this afternoon aircraft from New Zealand bringing tents and other relief supplies to support people that haven't got tents yet. People want to go back to their place, and then they can put up shelter there."

Leveni Aho says it will provide families with relief kits for when they want to leave evacuation centres and set up tents in their own communities.


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