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Court Report



A young man who allegedly broke into a Vaitogi home and touched inappropriately a girl who was sleeping has been charged and held on bail of $50,000. Elden Sioka has been charged with first degree burglary, sodomy, deviate sexual assault, sexual abuse first degree and third degree assault.


Burglary and sodomy charges are class B felonies punishable from five to 15 years in jail, deviate sex assault carries a jail term of up top seven years, and /or a fine of up to $5,000 while sexual abuse is a class D felony, with imprisonment up to five years, and/or a fine also up to $5,000. The third degree assault is a misdemeanor.


According to the government’s case, last December police were called to Vaitogi on this matter. The victim told police she was sleeping when she was awoken by someone touching her private parts underneath her clothing. The girl woke up and screamed at the defendant, who allegedly apologized and left the bedroom. However, the victim’s cousin woke up and caught the defendant, and the victim punched and slapped the defendant on the face.


Court filings say the defendant managed to run away from the house. Police proceeded to the defendant’s residence and he was then taken in for questioning. The government’s case claims, when police spoke to the defendant he allegedly told police he was intoxicated, and despite that, he wanted to go see the victim in her bedroom.


It’s alleged the defendant said he tried to open the door but it was locked and so when he saw an open window he climbed through it and saw the victim sleeping, and touched her private parts.




The hospital’s former Business Manager Jennifer Tofaeono was arraigned in the High Court on Monday. She is facing charges  of tampering with evidence, stealing and embezzlement. Tofaeono’s co-defendant in this case is Felise Toilolo, whose case is pending in the High Court.


Tofaeno underwent a preliminary examination hearing with the District Court last Friday, where Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop had OTICIDE/Homeland Security Special Agent, Henry Satele testify in the matter. Following the hearing, Judge John Ward stated there was probable cause to have this matter bound over to the High Court.


Court filings say the hospital’s former Finance Manager Viola Babcock conducted an investigation in May 2013 into reports that from May 2009 through June 2011 credit cards were being run on the LBJ credit card machines, and the receipts used to take cash from LBJ cashiers.


The government’s case claims receipts for certain credit cards belonging to different people and entities were not transferred into LBJ accounts, but instead voided through the LBJ merchant (credit card) machine, and the underlying amounts did not show up on the corresponding bank statements — yet cash was obtained by the defendant using said receipts totaling over $80,000.


Court filings say Tofaeono also requested that the LBJ Finance Office not receive a copy of the credit card report.




A man who’s facing two criminal cases will be in court today for a change of plea hearing. Fa’afetai Siaulaiga is charged with criminally negligent homicide in connection with the murder of Sio Faumui back in 2011 in Malaeimi.


It’s unclear what the plea deal offer is in this matter, however it will be read in open court tomorrow.


Other co-defendants in this case are Ne’emia Poamo, Sefo Siaulaiga and Migo Misa, whose cases are pending before the High Court for sentencing.


According to the government’s case, new information received by the Attorney General’s office has it that Fa’afetai was also seen at the scene of the crime on the day Sio was brutally beaten to death.


The government claims the two witnesses told police that on June 4, 2011 they were in Malaeimi across the street from where the incident occurred when they both saw the defendant running towards them while wearing a shirt covered with blood, and his hands also had blood on them.


Another defendant in this matter, Poamo, told police they had both punched Faumui repeatedly while Fa’afetai and Sefo were the ones who struck him with a rock and a beer bottle.


The second case against Faafetai charges him with escaping from police. During his initial appearance for the homicide case, when the inmates were leaving the courthouse heading to their van to be transported back to the Tafuna Correctional Facility, Fa’afetai took off on foot.


He then caught a bus from Fagatogo and police officers went after the aiga bus in which the defendant was riding.


It’s alleged when the bus was pulled over by police in Faganeanea the defendant ran up the mountainside. After nightfall, several hours later, police were told the defendant caught a ride from Faganeanea heading westbound. Fa’afetai was apprehended at a police roadblock in Nu’uuli.