Ice concealed in Pringles can from US found in Samoa

Methamphetamine or ice found in a can of Pringles and two glass tubes uncovered in another can of the snack product led to a 18-month jail term for a businessman on Monday.

Scott Robert Thomas Barlow, 39, of Tulaele, is to undertake treatment or courses for drug addiction as directed by Probation Service after his release.

Barlow is also subject to a supervision order for three years after his release.

The contents of the Pringles cans were uncovered by Customs officers during an inspection of a container of goods shipped from the United States for his clothing boutique on 23 April last year.

The officers were suspicious as Barlow appeared to be looking for a particular item and was watched carefully.

“He retrieved a can of Pringles, shook it against his ear, placed it back on the bin and sat on that bin,” Judge Pierre Slicer says in his decision.

Upon discovery of the contents of the cans the Police were called in and found in the container four more glass tubes.

A further search by Police found half a joint in Barlow’s motor vehicle and in his home one glass pipe and 0.4 grams of marijuana leaves.

The ice found in the Pringles can was 14.38 grams in volume and residue of the drug was found in two glass pipes.

Barlow pleaded guilty to possession of: unlawful utensils contrary to the Narcotics Act 1967; cannabis and leaves wrapped in a newspaper; unlawful utensils – six glass pipes; cannabis and cigarettes of marijuana; and possession of methamphetamine.


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