Final performances of “Fobulous” world tour
Eteuati Ete (left) and Tofiga Fepulea’i (right) answering questions during the ASTCA “Laughing Samoans - Fobulous” press conference held Thursday morning. [photo:TG]

Starting this new year with a laugh is a good plan, and here to make sure that happens are the “Laughing Samoans”, who arrived in Tutuila Thursday morning. They are hoping for a good turnout by fans and supporters, who appreciate their hilariously funny Samoan humor –  it's the show of 2014, “Laughing Samoans — Fobulous” as promised by ASTCA and it will take place  — Friday and Saturday night —  at the Kanana Fou Hall.
The shows are scheduled to begin at 7p.m. each night, with the doors opening at 6p.m. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, tickets for the show are being sold at ASTCA, Moochettas, Mr. Lavalava, and All Star Signs.
Tickets must be pre-purchased, as they will not be available at the door, according to ASTCA, and the price is $20 for adults, and $15 for children.
The stars of Laughing Samoans, Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea’i are proud to be in American Samoa through the help of American Samoa Tele-Communication Authority. ASTCA CEO Moefa’auo Bill Emmsley said in their press conference the show is a thank you to “our customers for their support from the past up till now.” He said the authority will continue to improve their services and looks forward to providing premium services to their customers.
Commenting on the Laughing Samoans and their performances, Emmsley said, “I have admired them from a distance, this is the first time I’ve met them, and what I have learned from them, is that, humor sends a very subtle but certain message.”
Laughing Samoan Eteuati told the media they are delighted to be in the territory, and are looking forward to putting on great shows for the people of American Samoa.
According to Ete, they love to perform using Samoan humor in their shows because the people love it.
“I think one of the greatest joys to us, is that Samoans support what we do. One of the questions that I always get asked by palagis is, ‘Do Samoans hate you for what you do? Because you're making fun of them?’”
Ete said, “But that’s just the difference and uniqueness in our culture, we as Samoans love what we do, and we are confident enough to make fun of ourselves… and the only way that we can do the comedy that we do, is because we are Samoan.”
Tofiga Fepulea’i told Samoa News they will be showcasing something new as well: "We have this new show, where we have the palagi lady married to a Samoan husband and now they are multi-cultured. For us, as long as it’s funny, that’s what the people want to come and see.”
He noted, “As we are performing, we don’t notice from on stage, but it’s a different audience who pick up different messages and stuff like that, but we don’t actually realize it until later, when we get a response from them after the show. But the main thing is to make sure it’s funny and make sure that we understand what we are talking about in Samoa.”
After the press conference at the ASTCA head office in Tafuna, the Laughing Samoans made their way to Leone High School, where they made the Lions roar with non-stop laughter during a preview of their “Island Time” show, just for the students of Leone.

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