Former Auditor set to be second Tualauta senator


ASG’s former Internal Auditor, Gaea Pelefoti Failautusi has been selected to take up one of the two seats for Tualauta County with the paperwork having been processed through the Office of Samoan Affairs and sent to the Office of the Senate President.
This is according to Sen. Magalei Logovi’i, the other traditional leader, holding one of the two Tualauta seats. The seat to be filled by Gaea was left vacant last summer following the passing of the late Sen. Letuligasenoa Soli, who was serving his first term in office.
Tualauta county traditional leaders held a meeting in late November last year to select their next senator, and it was decided that Ulugaono Walden Allen was to be the next senator, but Magalei told Samoa News at the time that the ‘Ulugaono’ chiefly title had not yet been registered by Walden Allen.
The American Samoa constitution states a senator must be chosen from among matai whose titles are registered.
Magalei, the ranking traditional leader of the county, said Gaea’s name was included as another candidate, and that if, by last Christmas, Ulugaono had not registered his matai title, Gaea would be the individual selected as the next senator.
Responding to inquiries yesterday, Magalei said the paperwork selecting Gaea has been processed at the Office of Samoan Affairs and will be sent to the Senate President's Office.
Magalei explained the Ulugaono title cannot be registered by Walden Allen as there is a dispute within the family.
Gaea served for several months as Treasurer in 2008 and the following year, he was replaced by Magalei Logovi’i, and became the new Internal Auditor within the government. This post is not subject to Fono confirmation, and was established by executive order by former Gov. Togiola Tulafono. 
Gaea served at that post during the last four years of the Togiola administration overseeing the Office of the Internal Auditor.
During his confirmation hearing for Treasurer in 2008 in the Fono, Gaea’s resume revealed he had 34 years of work experience with ASG in the fields of auditing, accounting, budgeting, supervisory management and automated financial management systems.


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