Woman charged with embezzling over $5K from FJ&P Kruse Wholesale


The Attorney General’s office has charged Violet Adams with embezzlement charges on allegations she misappropriated money from her former employer FJ&P Kruse Inc, to the tune of over $5,000. The defendant’s case was bound over to the High Court where she was arraigned.  Adams has denied the charges against her.
The incident came to light when it was reported to police by the store’s warehouse manager about an alleged embezzlement on March 25, 2013. The police met with the FJ&P Kruse Wholesale Manager where the manager informed police the defendant had collected payments for FJ&P Kruse as part of her job, however instead of turning the money over to the store, she kept it for her personal use.
Court filings say the wholesale manager told police Adams had been a cashier with FJ&P Kruse.  She alleged the defendant had an invoice for the Super M Store in the amount of $2,951.32 and she collected the payment. The manager contacted the Super M Store, which confirmed the payment was already made to the defendant, however when the manager approached the defendant about it, she denied picking up any payment.
The manager alleges the defendant later changed her story and told the manager she took the money and would make a payment towards the amount she had taken.
The manager also received a call from Shining Store in Pago Pago saying they had made a payment of $1,191.70 which they alleged Adams had collected.
According to court filings, the warehouse manager again contacted Adams about said payment and she denied picking up the money, however it is alleged Adams later admitted she had taken the money and informed the manager she would pay it back.
The third incident occurred on March 25, 2013 when the warehouse manager received another call — this time from the Canton Store noting they had paid $1,240.63 to the defendant. Police were given copies of invoices of the payments collected by the defendant, which noted “paid cash” on the forms.
Police also received copies of the final accounting from the warehouse manager showing the amounts that Adams had allegedly taken — Li Store, $275.45; Super M Store $2,951.25; Canton Mart $1,240.63; and Shining Store $1,191.70, totaling $5,659.03.
Court filings say the defendant has already paid back $1,000 towards the money she  took. The defendant is represented by Mark Ude, while prosecuting for the government is Assistant Attorney General Tiffany Oldsfield.


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