Landslides reported in far western district village

Heavy rains to continue says local Weather Station

With the prevalent wet weather conditions that have plagued the territory for the past week, it was only a matter of time before a landslide was reported.
This past Monday, Samoa News received word from the local weather station about a landslide in the far western district village of Agagulu.
When contacted for comment yesterday, head of the maintenance crew for the Department of Public Works, Fred Godinet, confirmed they were alerted about the landslide and DPW workers responded the same day, clearing off debris that included rocks and trees that had fallen by the mountainside.
Godinet said his crew went out again yesterday, when they received reports of another landslide in the same area.
He described the landslide as a “minor” one, adding this area is prone to landslides during heavy rainfalls.
In the meantime, the local weather station predicts the territory will experience monsoonal rainfall for the next 48 hours, although it “may dissipate by the end of the week”.
Earlier this week, local meteorologist Carol Maafala-Baqui explained that the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ), a reverse-oriented monsoon trough and a band of low-level convergence, cloudiness and precipitation is hovering over the Samoan Islands and will linger “over the next couple of days.”
Simply put, this means more rain and gusty winds.
Maafala-Baqui said the monsoonal trough triggers showers and possible thunderstorms and she advises everyone to stay safe and be on the lookout for flooding and landslides.
According to Godinet, the incident in Agagulu was the only landslide report they received as of yesterday afternoon.
In the meantime, the general public is urged to stay off the road as much as possible, to avoid falling trees and rocks. Flooding on the main road is not uncommon during this time of year, as the territory faces a double whammy right now with hurricane season and rainy season.


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