Healthcare costs going up in Samoa

A visit to the hospital will cost you more, starting from Monday next week.

That is when the latest increase to hospital fees will come into effect, with the general visit to a doctor doubling in price to $10 per patient.

According to a notice from the National Health Service, in addition to the increase in consultation fees which were previously free of charge, they will now incur a cost – with general X-rays and laboratory services now $5 each.

“Inpatient fees shall be $30 tala per night at Tupua Tamasese Meaole National Hospital at Moto'otua, $15 tala per admission episode at Malietoa Tanumafili II Hospital in Savai'i, and $10 per admission episode at all other district hospitals,” the notice reads.

The notice does, however, say that certain groups will be exempted from paying the above fees.

“All children aged below 15 years,” it reads. “All elderly people aged 65 years and above, who are registered with the NPF Pensioner’s scheme. (They) must bring current ID to qualify for exemption.

“All women presenting for maternal health conditions, such as for all care related to pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period.

“(And) Persons with special needs, (although) special conditions apply for registration.”

The notice says the full revised list of fees and charges are posted at various service areas of the main hospitals at Moto’otua, and Tuasivi and all district hospitals and medical centers.

“Please note there are separate charges for non-Samoan Citizens and non-residents,” it reads.


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