New Year kicks off with heavy rains and flooding in Samoa

The New Year has kicked off with flooding and heavy rains forcing families in low lying areas to evacuate and cuts traffic to the main capital of Apia and the main township on Savaii island.

Reports from Savai’i island said the Mali’oli’o and Sapapalii rivers overflowed and stopped travellers from the western and eastern side of the island.

A live report from a traveller stuck at Samalaeulu described the Mali’oli’o river as “angry” as the river killed a couple who tried to cross it with their car last year.

Sapapali’i is not as big as the Mali’oli’o but past incidents had proven that flooding cuts traffic as it is the main connection to the main wharf and Salelologa township.

Heavy rain in Apia has also caused flooding at Saleufi, Matautu-uta and Fugalei areas.

These are the areas normally affected by heavy rain.

It has been very hot lately until yesterday when it rained non stop.

A notice over the radio said warning travellers to and from Savaii that boat trips could be cancelled if rain continues to fall heavily.

Police have been on a non stop shift to assist any family who need help.


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