Dear Congressman Faleomavaega:

I write to request your assistance in identifying “surplus” funds that the federal government may have (according to Candidate Lolo Moliga’s presentation to the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce) to extend the dock of the American Samoa Shipyard.

On or about August 2nd, the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce hosted candidates Lolo Moliga and Lemanu Mauga.  As a member of the chamber of Commerce, I attended this meeting to listen to what these candidates have to offer for economic development.  I also attended previous meetings with other candidates.  Throughout the presentation, I kept hearing Candidate Lolo saying that as a solution to our problems that we will go to the federal government for funds.  This was their solution for tourism development, education, health, business development, etc.  Candidate Lolo also told us that the federal government has a “surplus” of monies.  I am very concerned now, because I always believed that the U.S. government is trillions of dollars in debt (according to what I watch and read through many news sources).  However, not one person from the Chamber of Commerce disputed Lolo’s claim, nor our current leaders or any of the candidates vying for the positions of Governor & Lt. Governor (including your sister and my father-in-law).  Now I am wondering, am I the only one that doesn’t know that the U.S. government has a surplus of monies?

If there is in fact a surplus of funds somewhere in Washington D.C. as Candidate Moliga assured us, I respectfully request your assistance to identity between $4 to $6 million to extend our shipyard dock to allow more boats to come to be repaired.  If you have been on-island lately and noticed the shipyard side of the harbor, we have boats tied up outside of other boats, and we are always full.  We can use the extra dock space to service the boats.

Thank you for your time.  I would appreciate your response to my inquiry as soon as possible.



cc: The Honorable Togiola Tulafono, Governor of American Samoa

Mr. David Robinson, Chairman, American Samoa Chamber of Commerce

Mrs. Lydia Faleafine-Nomura, Field Representative, Office of Insular Affairs, USDOI


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