Dear Editor,

Although we don’t like to say it, we all know it exists and it is tolerated at the highest standard in American Samoa. I have never been so disgusted by how corrupt the American Samoa Government has become over the years. First, the scandals with missing funds for the homeland security which surfaced after the Tsunami crisis of 2009, followed by the investigation of government officials for misuse of federal funds, and now more missing funds being stolen by a hacker and transferred to a Vietnam bank.

When will they learn that all things go unseen will be brought under the microscope for a detailed analysis?

Now that we are going through an election year, people are rallying for their gubernatorial candidates for office and using job placement as leverage for votes. Wow, I am really speechless with such morals and ethics.

What has our Government become? All I know and understand as a common courtesy policy “is not what you know, it is who you know?”

Which begs the question — what is the use of sending and encouraging our children to pursue a higher level of education only to return to American Samoa and deal with such mentality?

We have heard it all, vote for us and we will bring you the change that you so deserve and long after. OK, there’s a shocker, when all that has come after each administration is more depraved and decadent delusion of what real change for the better of the Government can be.

If it was up to me, I would vote for dismantling of the American Samoa Government, removing of all officials who are making such deals and using their influence in Government offices to gain the upper hand. Change may not happen overnight, but change will never come until extreme measures are taken.

Jessica Pierce


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