Video & More Photos: Hawai’i rules Samoa Bowl 11

Offensive Player of the Samoa Bowl Game – Lauina Futi of American Samoa taking the ball for our local team for a hopeful try at the end zone in the final quarter of the game with Hawai’i leading 22 - 15, but Futi was stopped immediately in the backfield by Hawai’i’s Peni Tali’ulu for a loss of yards. [photo: TG]

The annual Samoa Bowl event held in Tutuila for the past decade has, for the most part, seen American Samoa walk away with top honors;  but this year, a big change in schedule also saw a big change in results for all sporting categories.
In the end, however, the schedule had nothing to do with the outcomes — it was hard work and determination from the off-island teams who topped both volleyball and football this year.
For the Volleyball category in the Women’s Division, Hawai’i Team A’s All Star Team topped their divisional competition, after beating the newcomers “Utah” in a very competitive match up to claim this year’s Samoa Bowl Championship title — MVP for the Women’s Division also came out of Team Hawai’i — Adora Anai.
Second place in the Women’s Volleyball Division was Team Utah who made their debut appearance in the Samoa Bowl festivities this year and gave all competing teams a good challenge. Third place in the same division was Hawai’i Team B All Star, followed by Team Amerika Samoa, and at the bottom of the competition was California’s All Star team, who were the champions of last year’s Samoa Bowl.
In the Men’s Volleyball Division, California’s All Star Team managed to defend their championship title from last year very well, in the final match of the bowl, as they continuously suffered against American Samoa’s Team A and B, but during the finals, California came to play and went home with the title again in a two-point victory against Amerika Samoa’s A Team.
 MVP for the Men’s Division was also from the California All Star Team (and who also played in the football game as a Hawai’i player) — Jacob Tuioti Mariner.
This year’s football competition took quite a turn with a very tough and frustrating game for American Samoa, as they couldn’t find a way past Hawai’i after the Aloha State adjusted to Team Amerika Samoa’s two touchdowns at the beginning of the game.
Hawai’i in the first half had a hard time trying to muscle the ball into the end zone, after feeling the hard hits from Amerika Samoa’s defensive unit made up of solid defensive players selected from different local high school teams. Nevertheless, Hawai’i played a solid comeback in the second half, and gave AS a frustrating time after showing them “they too have muscles to play the gridiron competition” against our local boys.
In the end, Hawai’i beat American Samoa 22-15 in full time.
*            Most Valuable Player of the Game – Robert Faleafine (Hawai’i All Star - QB)
*            Offensive Player of the Game – Lauina Futi (Amerika Samoa All Star - RB)
*            Defensive Player of the Game – Fred Igafo (Hawai’i All Star Team - LB)
*            Samoa News Play of the Game: The Interception by Fred Igafo in the 4th Quarter of the Game when American Samoa was desperate to drive the ball back out of their red zone for a hopeful opportunity to score a tying touchdown. Igafo, who also earned the title of Defensive Player of the Game, picked off a pass from Frank Mauigoa on American Samoa’s 11-yard line and took it back for a touchdown (that was called back due to a holding call on Hawai’i).

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Most Valuable Player for the Women’s Volleyball Division – Adora Anai from Hawai’i’s All Star A Team smiling for a Samoa News photo after receiving her MVP award during the awards ceremony that was held at the Veterans Memorial Stadium this past Saturday. [photo: TG]
Most Valuable Player for the Men’s Volleyball Division – Jacob Tuioti Mariner from the California All Star Team posing for a photo with Miss American Samoa after receiving his MVP award. Tuioti Mariner also played in the Samoa Bowl football game, as a member of Team Hawai’i — and was a big game changer for Hawai’i after he recorded 2 sacks, 4 tackles for loss, 2 solo tackles, 1 fumble recovery, and 7 assists. [photo: TG]
The Most Valuable Player of the Game (MVP) for this year’s Samoa Bowl Football Game – Robert Faleafine, who was the starting quarterback for Hawai’i’s All Star Team. He led the 808 State to their first Samoa Bowl victory since 2007. Faleafine recorded 4 passes completed to the end zone, and 78 yards on quarterback keeps alone to frustrate Amerika Samoa’s defense in their 22 - 15 victory. [photo: TG]
Offensive Player of the Game for this year’s Samoa Bowl Football Game – Lauina Futi “Flash” from Tafuna High School smiling for a photo with Miss American Samoa Eleitino Tuiasosopo after receiving his award this past Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. [photo: TG]
Defensive Player of the Game for this year’s Samoa Bowl Football Game – Fred Igafo of Hawaii’s Football Team (Linebacker) who led the 808 defense in numerous stops to American Samoa’s offensive drives. Igafo recorded 11 solo tackles, 17 assists, 1 interception, 5 tackles for loss, and 2 sacks to lead Hawai’i to their first Samoa Bowl Championship title since 2007. [photo: TG]
Amerika Samoa’s Quarterback – AJ Filoiali’i (The Golden Boy) — from Tafuna High School scrambling with the ball after not finding an open receiver, but he was stopped behind the line of scrimmage by a host of Hawai’I defenders in the first half of the game. Hawai’i won 22 - 15. [photo: TG]
MVP of the Game – Robert Faleafine, Quarterback for Hawai’i’s All Star Team locking vision with an open receiver, and setting up to fire out Hawaii’s final touchdown of the game against American Samoa to take a 22 - 15 lead in the fourth quarter of the Samoa Bowl football game this year. [photo: TG]


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