Dear Editor,
After reading the LTE by the chairman of the local Democratic Party Ali'imau Jr.Scanlan, I concluded that Ali'imau's insinuations that a few misguided members of a local political party plan to push Eni out hoping Governor Lolo will appoint one of them to fill out the remainder of Eni's term is merely a façade to conceal his true intentions of being Governor Lolo's nominee.
But, why not?
It's just another way of getting something out of doing nothing. Being cunning as a fox always graduates up to be the slyest of the pack.
See how cunning the president is, he has picked a low point in Eni's life to make his move not even considering the fact that he spoke ill of Eni at one point in time and that was ten years after working for the man in Washington D.C.
The president's bashing of the members of the local Republican Party is a conniving appeal to Eni's sympathizers’ support.
Isn’t he now the misguided one and not the members of the other political party? Unknowingly the president allowed himself to be embroiled in the ugly side of politics. Every word of praise that he dares to utter about Eni makes him a hypocrite.
Ronald Reagan said "No Republican shall ever speak ill of another Republican", wonder why? In Samoa "E le iloa ala o vae".
The president's final words in his LTE are a feeble attempt to draw attention to his commitment to his party and to Eni's supporters. "Come on," he dares, “we're ready for you”.
Doesn’t he know that he has now sown the seeds for a fierce and hard fought campaign? But why should the president care? He will watch people fight and hope to benefit if the outcome is favorable.
Of all of Eni's contributions claimed by the president, nothing defines Eni's terms in Congress as the one the president did not mention. That is the very issue that brings the Economic Development of the territory to its knees "Minimum Wage".
Thousands, not hundreds of local people lost their jobs. This Democratic Party initiative has brought so much sorrow to so many families in American Samoa. Imagine what can happen if the local minimum wage goes up another one dollar. When StarKist leaves so will the canning plant as well as the fishing fleet and then what?
It is very scary, please believe it. Now, American Samoa, do we need another Democrat to represent us in Congress?
JR nothing personal, strictly business!
Leroy Ledoux


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