Court Report


The hospital’s former Business Manager Jennifer Tofaeono, who recently turned herself in to the police, has opted to have a preliminary examination hearing on Jan. 6, 2014. Tofaeono is charged with tampering with evidence, stealing and embezzlement on allegations she misappropriated money belonging to the hospital and the American Samoa Cancer Coalition.
Court filings say Satele collected all existing credit card receipts related to LBJ credit card machines along with the associated bank records and the available daily cashier reports for the time period under investigation, from approximately May 2009 through July 2011. Multiple original copies of daily cashier reports from September 2010 through 2011 were not able to be located during the course of the investigation.
According to the government’s case, there were receipts for credit cards belonging to different people and entities were not transferred into LBJ accounts but instead voided through the LBJ merchant machine, and the underlying amounts did not show up on the corresponding bank statements. Total amount is alleged to be more than $87,000.
Court filings say police were informed by the Executive Officer of BOH that upon examining the receipts and bank records, he was of the professional opinion, based on his experience and training, that someone had run credit cards on the machines producing receipts that were later voided. He stated this was because the amounts on the receipts did not show up on the bank records, and they should have, had they not been voided. 
Sam Tinae Jr and Lale Asaua have been charged with stealing and first-degree burglary on allegations they broke into a Pava’ia’i residence back in August 9, 2011. There is a third defendant in this case and he’s yet to be charged. The defendants appeared in court last week and Assistant Public Defender Karen Shelley represents them both. According to the government’s case, the items removed are valued at close to $6,000.
Court filings say that the woman observed louvers had been removed and the screen wire torn off the window to the master bedroom. She told police missing were a laptop computer valued at $800, more than 30 items of clothing she valued at $3,000, a stereo system valued at $1,500, CD’s worth around $200, and headset at $100 — totaling $5,600.
The victim told police she was approached by another woman who said that she and bought the laptop, headphones and a video game system, which the victim confirmed was hers.
Asaua in a written statement to police said it was Tinae, who tore off the screen and removed the louvers to the house and it was Tinae who instructed him to take the laptop and he did and as soon as they heard a vehicle approaching they left the house. He further stated that he returned the items that were in his possession — the laptop, video game and the headset.
Court filings say that when police approached another co-defendant in the matter, who has yet to be charged, he told police that he along with Tinae and Asaua broke into the house and Asaua exited with speakers, clothes, a video game and a laptop and it was Asaua, who acted as the lookout man and when the vehicle approached the house they left. He told police he was not aware what happened to the other allegedly stolen items.
A 26-year-old man accused of striking another man with a rock will be arraigned in HIgh Court today on charges of second degree assault and public peace disturbance. Peni Brown 26, of Ili’ili was arrested last week following an altercation during a drinking session.
According to the government’s case, the incident came to light when the defendant contacted the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for assistance, telling the EMS that the victim was his friend who was beaten by other men. However, when the victim was conscious at the hospital he informed police that his friend, Brown was the one who struck him with a rock.
The police questioned Brown, who admitted that he struck the victim on the head with a rock, because of what the victim had said about his sister.
Brown is held on bail of $5,000 he’s represented by the Public Defender’s office.


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