HAWKEYE: Snow & Missle-toe

“We often learn great lessons in simple and everyday ways.”

“There is no such thing as an absolute truth---that is absolutely true.”
Here we are launching ourselves towards 2014, and it looks to be a repeat performance of 2013.
One rather harsh individual approached Hawkeye the other day and asked if Hawk knew anything about the “Non Voting Delegate to Congress, and his personal health.” Hawkeye told the fellow that he normally minds his own business; however the Sniveling Homo-sapien did have a point.
It has been since October and we haven’t heard a thing that would put us at ease with the way things seem to be developing in the Land of the Long White Cloud! It was said that our congressman’s health problem was not life threatening even though he was admitted to the ICU at our one and only Falemai. It went from his suffering from “Gastritis” to “Hemorrhoids” leaving us in a position as not knowing what to believe.
The next thing we seen is a big old “C-17 Star-Lifter” looming on the horizon of Paradise to carry our Non Voting Delegate to Congress away to the land of milk & honey.
We do not know any more today pertaining to his health than we did that day he ended up in the ICU at LBJ. No one is talking!
Given the state of affairs politically, and the deplorable state of our local economy, now is not the time for Wonderland to be without a representative in congress! It is said that the Governor has the clout to appoint an interim congressional delegate, and it would seem that this would become a priority given the present state of affairs.
 Hawkeye might suggest that we send someone there ASAP, like Ae Ae Jr. or Bill Satele who will take the political reigns and make things happen on Capitol Hill!  We need to get a lever on the proposed Minimum Wage hike which is likely to put the Kibosh on our local economy!
Hawkeye knows Eni E.F. Faleomavaega and has the upmost respect for him and his position as “Non Voting Delegate to Congress.” We do however need someone to immediately take the reins and represent us in the US Congress. Now is the time to begin the prevention of the hike in the Minimum Wage. Today the minimum wage in Washington, [Usingtone] DC is $15 per hour and our Presetene has said that this should be the minimum wage throughout this great nation of ours.
Let’s face it folks, Hawkeye believes that if our local Minimum Wage increases by one dollar, that we will be kissing our local industries goodbye. This will happen overnight folks, and by then it will be too late to reverse course! Look at what is happening to our Local Longline Fleet:
This one in particular aforementioned idiot also suggested that the Long Liner Owners were bluffing? How stupid can one person get fans? While the fishing industry has always said at meetings with the local Government that they were committed to making the local businesses succeed, the commitment expires along with a one cent drop in profits! The commitment has been in this case to run the expenses so high, and purchasing their fish at a rate so low as to actually cost the Longline Fleet money to Gear up for a return fishing trip.
One cannot earn money if it is costing them more money than they are earning to bring in the fish! It doesn’t take a Genius to look at the Longline Vessels that now remain in port, and figure out that they are not bluffing!  So; what will we do for a Non Voting Delegate to Congress to represent us while our Congressional Delegate is ill?
We the people need to know this ASAP, we deserve to be told what is going on! It is our right as voting citizens of this fair land of ours to see that “s*#t” happens pronto! So, in general the Homo-sapien doesn’t sound so stupid after all. It is just the smart-assed method that he attempted to present himself at the beginning of the conversation with Hawkeye.
The s#@t hit the fan when he said, “Hey Hawkeye!” Then the conversation launched over to whether or not Jesus rode a Donkey or an elephant! Hawkeye told the guy that he had best read his scriptures: If he would read his scriptures, he would immediately learn that Jesus rode the train! If he was short of Tupe {Money} for the Train, he rented a Camel!
Say all he wishes about Jesus, but the fact remains that he has lasted 2,280 + years in a Global Society that has a way of being somewhat tough on Saviors.. Taking it one step further, Jesus accomplished all of this in just 3 ½ short years of his Ministry! Jesus would have made Billy Graham look like a Cub Scout when it game to getting his message across. Anyway, Hawkeye wishes Jesus a happy birthday, and it looks as though he will have many many more to come.
So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! From Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.
Hawkeye will not recommend Jessie Ventura’s last book. Boring.
Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent Samoa News.


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