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After a long dry spell, the Hawai’i All Stars defeated the American Samoa All Stars 20-15 this past Saturday at Veterans Memorial Stadium.
It was 2007 in Samoa Bowl IV that the Hawai’i team last took the championship home.
More highlights and photos plus MVP awards coming up this week.
Last year, California and Hawai’i ran away with the volleyball titles for both boys and girls; and teams from Utah, California, and Hawai’i are all on island this year.
Volleyball started on Christmas Day after Tuesday's cultural activities — including the Opening Ava Ceremony.
Day one saw all teams have competing with Utah and Hawai’i looking dominant at the start.
Samoa Bowl XI day 2 on Thursday continued with action and  Samoa Bowl XI Finals ended with Boys 1st place — California, 2nd place — American Samoa A, and 3rd place — American Samoa B.
Girls standings: 1st place — Hawaii A, 2nd place — Utah, 3rd place — Hawaii B, 4th place — American Samoa, 5th place — California. F
Take a look at some of the action below.

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American Samoa’s Titiula Manuma (10) sending off the winning kill in the second set against California, during their volleyball match up Christmas morning at the ASCC Gymnasium. [photo: TG]
Seen here, American Samoa Boys Volleyball Team #1 in this year’s Samoa Bowl XI Volleyball games taking place at the ASCC gymnasium. This year’s Samoa Bowl volleyball teams are from Utah, Hawaii, California, as well as boys and girls teams from American Samoa. Yesterday was Day Two with today being the final day of volleyball action at the ASCC gymnasium. [photo: Jeff Hayner]
Pictured are members of the girls volleyball team from Utah yesterday morning after defeating Team American Samoa on day 2 of Samoa Bowl XI boys and girls volleyball games at the ASCC gymnasium. The games began on Wednesday and will end today. [photo: Jeff Hayner]
The girls volleyball team from California (left) was in hard-hitting action against Team Hawaii on day 2 (yesterday) in this year’s Samoa Bowl XI volleyball match-ups taking place at the ASCC gymnasium. Today will be the final day of Samoa Bowl XI boys and girls volleyball action with teams from Utah, Hawaii, California and American Samoa participating. [photo: Jeff Hayner]


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