Dear Editor,
As the end of the year approaches, I and on behalf of my family would like to take a moment or two to say thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff at the Medical Ward of LBJ Medical Center, for the fine and professional care provided to my "Queen" and eternal companion during her admission there.
Your dedication, professionalism and ethics have indeed touched my days and nights. I can honestly say I am so grateful to know such patient medical care and expertise does exist within the walls of the Medical Ward at LBJ Medical Center in spite of limited supplies, etc.
Indeed, I have also learned new home care and prevention methods that we shared, and your approval of my home care signaled good care... thank you. As a token of our appreciation and in all fairness your names are listed herein below.
(Those who were transferred to the Medical Ward and filled in and assisted in any way possible... great job and God bless!):
1. Dr. Jerry T. Kena            8.  Fa'ato'aga Ta'ase
2. Tulia Lole                       9.  Emi Toea'ina
3. Gloria Paopao                10. Susan Save
4. Janet Yursolino               11. Carrie Niupulusu
5. Cess Delacruz                12. Senerita Letufuga
6. Manini Kaleopa               13. Galu Va'a
7. Marie San Diego
Fa'afetai tele,
Silila Patane


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