No teacher shortage, late applications still coming in


The beginning of this school year, Aug. 13, 2012, does not face any major teacher shortage and all the teachers for Manu’a are in place Department of Education director-designee Dr. Jacinta Galea'i told a Senate committee hearing recently.

Each school year, said Galea'i, many teaching positions are vacated for reasons such as teachers retiring or moving off island and need to be filled.

Unfortunately, many applicants wait until July to apply for the positions and it takes time for the government to process each application. Even up to the week before the new school year started, there were still teaching applications coming through said Galea'i.

Galea'i said DOE continues to work closely with the Department of Human Resources to put through all new applications for teaching positions.

Sen. Fuata Dr. Tagiilima Iatala expressed concern about the lack of safe drinking water for students attending the A.P. Lutali Elementary School on Aunu’u. He asked the DOE witnesses, including DOE deputy director for finance Russell Aab, to look at an additional classroom building and more bathrooms for the school.

Galea'i said one of the new buildings for the school is included in the list of projects to be funded with federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) money.


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