CJ postpones plea agreement in latest case of serial burgler


A man who was convicted over a series of burglaries has entered into a plea agreement with the government in a new burglary case. However, the plea agreement has been postponed because the defendant denies one of the stealing allegations by the government.
The series of burglaries for which he was already convicted include breaking into Sepp’s Wholesale store back in February 2012, where $4,000 cash and other items were taken, stealing an iPod from a parked vehicle, and breaking into the Jade Restaurant in Nu’uuli with three juveniles, taking $100 in coins, six bottles of hard liquor and 12 bottles of beer, altogether valued at $336.
This latest case against Titio Jr. has him charged with 15 criminal counts including five counts of  stealing, five counts of burglary first degree and five counts of property damage, in connection with breaking into a DOE building near their Procurement office. According to the government's case, the value of the government property taken by the defendant between June and July, 2013, is more than $10,000.
The items taken include things such as computers, laptops, cell phones and cameras, along with other miscellaneous items.
In the plea agreement with the government the defendant pled guilty to five counts of stealing and five counts of property damage while the remaining five charges of first degree burglary were dismissed.
Titio Jr. admitted that on June 14, 2013 he broke into the DOE building and took two laptops, a camera and phone and these items were valued at $1,910. On June 17, 2013 he broke into the same building and took three computers with a value of $3,850. The next incident occurred on June 24, 2013 where Titio admitted that he stole an additional two laptops from this same office worth $3868 and damaged video surveillance in the DOE building, with a total value of $6,700 including the damaged items.
Titio Jr. admitted that he broke into another office in the same DOE building and stole another two laptops and also damaged the office in the process which cost $1,200.
The only part of the plea agreement that Titio Jr. declined was the allegation by the government that he broke into the Boy Scouts office in Tafuna and stole $10,000. He said he did not commit this crime, and because the defendant denied this crime, Chief Justice Michael Kruse postponed the plea agreement.


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