Father, daughter in Samoa plead guilty to incest

A father and daughter have both claimed they were the first to ask for sex with each other. A 28-year-old woman facing incest charges has told the Supreme Court it was she who asked her father, not the other way around. The father told police he asked first.

Both she and her father have pleaded guilty to incest charges.

Her claim was made during an interview for the woman’s probation report, conflicting with the Police case. According to the Police summary of facts, the woman and her father, 54, talked together in front of their house on a night between 1st and 31st May 2013, while the mother was in Savai’i. The father told his daughter how her mother was suspicious of the nature of the relationship between the two of them. The daughter told her father she could not understand why her mother was angry with her, police said.

However, the two were attracted to each other. That same night, the father asked his daughter to have an affair with him, and she agreed. The woman went to sleep with her children on one side of their house, her father slept in a middle room and her uncle slept with his wife on the other side of the house. Around two o’clock in the morning, the father crept under her mosquito net while his daughter sleeping and they had consensual sex.


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