Hackers stealing HA miles from local accounts


Anyone with a Hawaiian Airlines account for air miles (Hawaiian Miles) should take time to check their account, in case it may be one of those accounts that were hacked and miles transferred and used without approval. These are the concerns raised — and the advice given— by several customers whose accounts were recently hacked.
Alison Croyle, Hawaiian Airline’s Director of External Communications confirmed with Samoa News that they have identified irregular activity in a limited number of member accounts, in response to Samoa News queries.
“We are conducting an active investigation into the incident. For members that may have been affected, we will be reinstating their miles and will work with each one on a case-by-case basis.”
Asked as to why the airline did not inform its customers of the alleged scam, she said in  response, “We are working with each affected customer on a case-by-case basis to inform them of the situation.”  Croyle further noted the investigation is still underway and Hawaiian Air cannot specify how many accounts have been affected.
Locally, one woman received a notice from the airline that she had changed her password for her Hawaiian Miles account; however, she knew that she had not changed her password and that’s how she found out that all 65,000 miles she had saved were gone.
“My concern is … how many people are out there whose accounts were hacked, yet they were not informed by the airline? Whoever is doing this hacked into my account, changed my email and changed my password. My heart almost dropped because I was saving these miles for a very important trip,” she told Samoa News.
A business woman told Samoa News she had 250,000 miles in her account and those miles have gone missing, and whoever hacked into her account used up the miles to purchase a first class ticket.
“People need to check their accounts. If I didn't get a notice I wouldn’t have known that someone hacked into my account— but I was too late. Whoever did it already used up my miles to purchase a ticket and I'm still waiting for the airline to restore my miles.
“What bothers me is that when I had called in to see why the password for my account was changed, I had to answer a lot of security questions, yet it’s not my fault their system was hacked.”
 Another man told Samoa News that his account had 52,000 miles and when he checked his account last week it was down to zero. Luckily, he contacted the airline right away and his miles were restored.
He said that when he asked the agent why their customers were not informed of this scam, his question went unanswered. He said someone is creating fake email addresses and hacking into peoples HA accounts and the airline is not warning people about this.  


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