Pictured here, the 31 members of the Leone High School National Honor Society who cleaned and beautified the grounds of the Feleti Barstow Public Library in Utulei last Saturday. Malo lava! [courtesy photo]

Leone High School’s National Honor Society conducted a service project this past Saturday, during which they cleaned and beautified the grounds of the Feleti Barstow Public Library in Utulei.
Thirty-one students and their advisor started their yard work from seven in the morning and ended at noon. Bushes were trimmed, and lawns were mown as machetes, weed-eaters, and even a leaf-blower were utilized. The students gave special emphasis to the two gardens in front of the library, which now show a definite contrast from the cluttered and overgrown plants that once grew there.
By 10a.m. when the library opened, the side lawns had already been tended to, and students were cleaning the hedges and weeds in the back of the building. Onlookers of the clean-up waited for the library to open while watching society members work along the premises, with twigs and branches in hand.
This is not the first time the LHS National Honor Society has volunteered at the library.
The Marvin Senter Chapter first began volunteer work at the library earlier this year in October, and has since adopted it as the location of their year-round service project. Almost every Saturday, the club sends a group of several members to assist at the library. During their first project, the students were given an informative orientation from the head librarian, Cheryl Morales Polaita’ivao, about the cleaning procedures and organizing system of the library’s books.
Soon after, a multitude of bright, orange T-shirts filled the different genre sections, and the Children’s Room was given an exceptional twist of Halloween decorations. The students’ service project this past Saturday, however, focused mainly on outside maintenance.
As a national by-law for all NHS chapters, service is one of the four main pillars that members should seek to uphold. In fact, they are required to volunteer over the course of the school year and complete a set number of service hours. Local chapters are most accustomed to assisting in school events, such as Parent Teacher Conferences and graduation ceremonies. Scholarship, citizenship, and leadership are the remaining pillars, and they are just as equally important to a society’s initiative to be and make a positive change within its community.
Leone High School’s Marvin Senter Chapter will continue its community service project at the Utulei library next semester. The students would like to first acknowledge Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, for His strength and guidance, as well as their society advisor, Jayleen Chun, and high school principal, Mr. Ben Te’o, for allowing them this opportunity to give back to the American Samoa community.


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