Pani and Pani search for Mr. Lavalava in Samoa

The FRESH TV stars are bringing their hunt for the ultimate Island warrior to Samoa…and you’re invited!

Agony Aunts, Pani & Pani have been delivering their hilarious brand of advice on Fresh TV for three ‘amazing’ seasons.

Pani say’s ‘the most common question we get asked is “How do I find a decent guy”?

“It’s hard out there for single girls, I mean before we started dating Sony Bill Williams and The Rock ,we used to be out there on the dating scene meeting random guys that our Uncle set us up with- It’s Makua tough!’

Well ladies Pani & Pani have heard your call and season 4 of Fresh TV see’s the girls getting off the couch and venturing across the Pacific in search of ‘Mr Lavalava’ The Ultimate Island Warrior. The search began in the Beautiful Cook Islands now it’s time to test the men from the heart of the Pacific.

“It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it right?”

So what qualities does Mr Lavalava need to have?

“Mr Lavalava is the real deal- he’s all that and a bag of Taro chips,” says Pani. “He’s the guy who does the feau (chores) in the morning, works out at the gym at lunch time, volunteers at the hospital in the afternoon and picks you up for dinner (on time) at night!

“We’ve set up a series of challenges for our potential Mr Lavalava’s- Things to test them -and entertain us! And the guys that make it through those challenges get to take part in the live stage show finale at the ‘Amazing’ Orator Hotel’.

So we know the audience will have a great time but what’s in it for the guys?

“Not only do the guys get to hang out with us and carry our luggage, but the guy crowned ‘Mr Lavalava Samoa’ will receive an amazing goodie bag full of prizes, an IPAD, and an allexpenses paid trip to take part in the grand Finale in New Zealand!”


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