Cool Stuff: Filling Station at LAX

Huevos Rancheros, organic coffee, my iPad in a Lifeproof case, with a celebrity flair... at Ford's Filling Station, LAX. [photo: Barry Markowitz]

My hardcore bosses did it again.  "Barry, get that 511- 5 in 1 jacket on — and go scout the way for our peeps going to the USA 7's in Las Vegas this January. Find the affordable cool eats places en route, on arrival, and hotel deals.
“Here is your usual two tala, no excuses, make it happen."  OK, Rhonda and Patty... remember Star Wars... the lead actor Harrison Ford? (not Mark "Corvette Summer" Hammel).
Harrison's son Ben Ford is apparently a super star celebrity chef that we island residents wouldn't ever recognize, but the rest of the planet does.
Ben — now that we still don't know who he is — has a righteous one stop affordable classy restaurant/ mini mart in LAX Terminal 5 (Delta) called the Filling Station. The presentation and service is definitely 5-Star, thanks to hostess London and server extraordinaire, Nick. 
What elements knock my slippahs off are the fresh ingredients and sophisticated sauces provided at an affordable $9-$16 average (Shrimp Curry $19.90). We are talking Beverly Hills, Coolios. And we know it costs more to park there than the complete meal and tip I pay here at the Filling Station.  Of course McDonald’s is 100 feet away... but if Charlie Tautolo doesn't own it, I am going instead for this indigenous LA fare.
Breakfast options til 10am : Breakfast Flatbread, Huevos Rancheros, Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito, Steel Cut (not rusted) Oatmeal and Fruit.
Rest of the Day: Cheese, Mushroom and BBQ Chicken Flatbread pizza looking delights; burgers; Egg Salad, Pulled Pork, BLT & Avocado Sandwiches; Chicken, organic coffee, tea... and for those headed on Delta to Salt Lake City prior to rugby... Seasonal Cocktails, Beer, Wine and all kines ava malosi.
Hey Ben, cool dude that everybody tells me you are... where is the Samoan Kava and Koko Samoa?  Don't be surprised if Ben calls up Eni to source out our island secrets.
Ben seems to be a guy that "gets it" regarding traveler's needs for quality and affordability. His background music is dead on too... a little classic rock spiced up with Tower of Power. Thanks Ben. My Aiga Samoa will be flying in early and hanging out in your warm comfortable refuge. I am at peace here... until Patty jumps on my poor grammar and lack of reverence.
 Welcome Ben Ford to the world of Cool Stuff and Coolios, sorry your excellence is as big a secret to us as our Koko Samoa is to you... Coolios are coming Ben... stock up and thanks for those strong chairs... Coolios know that deal... I've busted a few.    


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