TAOA wants physicians to do home visits


Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA) wants to hire a physician to conduct outreach visits to home-cared senior citizens and the proposal is being praised by the elders as one of the actions taken by the Lolo Administration that will further improve government services for TAOA.
TAOA director Ale Tifimalae says his office is currently looking for funds to recruit a doctor who will conduct home visits for senior citizens who are home-cared and have a difficult time getting to the hospital.
The plan comes after TAOA visits to homes in the past months found that there are several elders who are cared for at home by families and these senior citizens are not strong enough to move around or get-out-of bed, said Ale, adding that TAOA wants to make it easy for these residents to have medical care.
He also says that this is one of the TAOA services, to assist all senior citizens in the territory, as part of the Lolo Administration’s efforts to help the elders, who have for years served in the government and private sector, and now it's “our turn to help them.”
Asked whether this new home visit plan by TAOA does not duplicate ongoing home visits by medical personnel from the Department of Health, Ale said all ASG agencies work together with the goal to benefit the entire community and there is no duplication of duties but this further strengthens service to the community.
Responding to Samoa News request for a comment on TAOA’s plan, Health director Motusa Tuileama Nua praised Ale for looking at ways to further improve government service to the public, especially “our elderly fathers and mothers who are unable, or not strong enough, to make that trip to the hospital or to a health clinic.”
Nerisa Toomata, who is registered senior citizen with the TAOA program, as well as Talaleu Ipulasi, a member of the senior citizens group Toe Afua Mai Matua (TAMM) both praised this move by the Lolo Administration. (Original Samoan version of this story was published in the Le Lali section of yesterday’s edition of Samoa News)


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