Wind could power Tokelau’s new ship

The administrator of Tokelau says the New Zealand territory will be getting a new passenger ship in 2015 that is likely to be equipped with marine kites to harness wind power.

Jonathan Kings says the 43-metre long ship will travel to and from Samoa and be available every day of the year.

Kings says the Tokelau community had a major say in the design of the purpose-built vessel.

He told Radio New Zealand International the territory has needed a replacement ship for over 10 years.

This is a new ship for Tokelau, the only access to Tokelau is by sea and so this is of huge importance to Tokelau. Tokelau has been needing a new ship for many years and it’s a really exciting development that now we are getting a ship that is purpose built for serving the people of Tokelau. It will have capacity for 60 passengers and some cargo to meet the capacity as well which will meet the day to day needs of the people of Tokelau.

At the moment there is a ship that has been charted called the PB Matua which is being charted to provide the service.


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