Treasury searches for 14 missing computers


The Department of Treasury is currently looking for 14 missing computers which had been stored at their IT office. The computers in question had been transferred from the Stimulus office that was closed down, with plans to give them to the Tax Division.
 Treasurer Falema’o Phil Pili confirmed with Samoa News they are looking into this matter, however he declined any further comment.
Samoa News understands the missing computers are part of the 17 computers that earlier this year had their hard drives removed and confiscated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during their last visit to the territory, which occurred in July.
Treasury was planning to replace the hard drives, when they discovered that 14 of the 17 computers were missing from the IT office.
During the FBI’s visit, Special FBI Agent Tom Simon, a spokesman for the Bureau’s Honolulu, Hawai'i office said at the time that the agents were here on a fact-finding mission to ensure that any alleged misuse of federal funds in American Samoa would be fully investigated.
He said the federal agents who were in the territory came to speak to community members who they viewed as potential witnesses in their cases, including their investigation of low-income housing grants commonly known as the 1602 Program.
”This is simply a fact-finding mission,” said Agent Simon.
An official with the Treasury Office told Samoa News that after the hard drives were  removed, the computers remained in the IT office, however to date the Treasury Office can only account for three computers, while the location of the other 14 remains a mystery.
The official said they are gathering information and looking for the computers, and given that these computers were mainly purchased with federal dollars they must be accounted for.


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