Young driver charged with manslaughter after traffic fatalities in Samoa

The driver of a pick-up which crashed killing two Samoan New Zealanders has been charged with two counts of manslaughter.

Leslie Maria Kolhase has also been charged with two counts of negligent driving.

The charges were revealed in the Supreme Court Friday morning (Samoa time).

The matter was transferred there from the District Court where Kolhase appeared on Tuesday.

She was the driver of a land cruiser pick-up that flipped over at Vailoa, Faleata, last month, killing passengers Thesaurus Heather, 21, and Jesse Risale, 20. Both of the deceased were on visits to relatives and were scheduled to return to New Zealand.

The matter was adjourned to 13 January next year for re-mention without plea.

Kolhase was remanded on continuing bail. She was required to report to Police every Monday and Friday and to surrender her travel documents.


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