Xmas Xtras Online: Gifts from home


At Christmas time and the New Year, no matter where you are in the world, thoughts turn to home and the friends and family there.  If you’re looking for a special gift for someone off island who’s missing Samoa, we have some suggestions for you.
John Enright’s “Jungle beat” mystery series set in American Samoa features fictional characters in real settings in both American Samoa and Samoa.  In the first of the series, “Pago Pago Tango”, Enright’s book is filled with stories that reach back in time, all the way to when Tagaloa pulled the Samoan islands from the deep, it includes notable events since that distant time, such as the educational TV period in the 1960s and the 1980 cable car disaster.
 His second book, “Fireknife Dancing” is part Samoan cultural study and part mystery and the real fun comes from looking at modern American Samoa as it struggles to reconcile traditional systems and structures with the influences of the modern world and the territory’s relationship to independent Samoa.
Playing the “who is this character really?” and “oh, I know — that’s so-and so’s house out by the airport” keeps the reader thinking, laughing— and remembering.
Both books are available in paperback, Kindle, MP3 and audio at Amazon.com. 

Click to link to John’s books
Tanoa Samoa, Forsgren’s online shop has Samoan handicrafts, art and fabrics, just like the ‘real’ store that used to be in Fagatogo, it is now in Forsgren’s shopping center in Nu’uuuli. 
American Samoa’s best online store works just like the big boys—you select your purchases, put them in your virtual shopping cart, pay with your credit card and your gifts get mailed directly to your loved ones.
Jewelry, kava bowls, Polynesian wear, and colorful fabrics, plus Tanoa is the exclusive seller of Iosua Toafa art prints.
Click to link to Tanoa
And finally, keep your off islanders up to date with a subscription to Samoa News.  Not Samoa News online, that’s free for everyone, everyday.  But a pdf of the actual print copy of our newspaper, complete with all the advertisements, classifieds, public notices and of course the news stories and features. 
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Give someone a little bit of 'home' for the holidays.


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