Dear Editor:
My name is Line'-Noue Memea Kruse and I want to add to Mr. Philip Swett's letter to the editor published 12/13/2013 in the Samoa News.
I was an intern under Congressman Faleomavaega in the U.S. Congress decades back, as were many civil servants now working for the people of American Samoa, utilizing those experiences for the good of the territory. This anonymous blog site demanding to know the status of Congressman Faleomavaega because he is — supposedly due to health concerns — not able to serve the people of the territory infers that he should be removed from his seat in the U.S. Congress somehow.
I have clearly stated my name for all to read, I am a current resident of American Samoa and I am also a civil servant to the American Samoa Government; I am not anonymous.
I believe as long as Congressman Faleomavaega feels healthy and fit to serve the American Samoa people as an elected official serving the territory for over 20 years (meaning, re-elected every time...) all that's left for us as American Samoa constituents is to wish him and his family strength and pray for his speedy recovery of health. 
I am prayful that Hinanui and their children remain strong and steadfast. 
Line'-Noue Memea Kruse


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