Dear Editor,
For anyone who believes what the President and the Main Stream media spew every day that Obamacare is and will be great, only has to look at LBJ as a mini-version of gov't run healthcare and why it fails. Just compare Jim Brittle's experience and what many folks experience daily at the ER vs. making an appointment and arriving at a clinic and being seen at the appointed time.
LBJ is run by gov't, so no incentive to balance the books. Just call Uncle ASG when funds run dry and ask for more. LBJ doctors are gov't employees, receive a paycheck regardless and therefore have little incentive to go the extra mile, provide the extra care and service. They will do what they are told when circumstances require them to deviate from regular practices, i.e. send top ASG officials off-island for an infected hang nail, while more serious cases are told there's no money
 This is in no way to disparage a single doctor or nurse at LBJ. It's just a fact of life.  Gov't employees wherever they work, tend to be less motivated and less productive than their private sector counterparts. Every major country that has single payor, gov't controlled healthcare systems have terrible health care, long lines and rationed care.
Compare LBJ to a private clinic. Doctors charge what is necessary to keep the doors open and earn a profit. Because the client is paying, they will be careful to order tests that are necessary and not a dozen unnecessary tests to CYA in case of a problem. Appointments are set so patients can plan their lives and be served at the time they set. We used to use Saelua's Clinic almost exclusively and it was a great option to LBJ ER. When it was a test or service he could not provide, we'd get a referral to a specialist or test facility at LBJ.
So take LBJ and multiply it times a trillion and you can see why so many people are skeptical and upset about the implementation of Obamacare here in the US.
Rick Petri
(Editor’s Note: The outcry over the implementation of Obamacare is similar to what went on when Social Security and then Medicare first came into being — in the end it’s about trying to make available a decent quality of life and affordable medical care to all. ra)


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