TCF officer charged following internal investigation of prisoner assault


A police officer working at the Tafuna Correctional Facility has been served with a three-day notice in connection with the assault of a Nu’uuli inmate who was taken to Manu’a under protective custody two weeks ago, after he was allegedly assaulted by the officer and another inmate.
Acting Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli confirmed with Samoa News that police officer Moors Nuusila was served last week Thursday, and with Monday the end of three business days he says "we are waiting for a response from the officer."
 Leiseau also told Samoa News the inmate will remain in Ta’u until the appropriate time to have him return to Tutuila.
Samoa News understands the notice was the result of an internal investigation.
Two weeks ago Commissioner of Public Safety, William Haleck told Samoa News the inmate was taken to Ta’u, Manua.
The inmate in question was arrested on allegations that he took money and threatened a homeless man with a knife. He’s charged with a felony count of robbery first degree, two charges of unlawful use of a weapon (also felonies) and third degree assault, a misdemeanor.  
Samoa News understands the incident came to light when the inmate was in court for his pre-trial conference last week, where he informed his attorney, Assistant Public Defender Joel Shiver, of the allegations. The inmate had suffered abrasions and bruises to his facial area, and when the incident was reported to the police, they acted right away and removed the inmate, according to Haleck.  
The inmate was escorted to Manu'a on the Marine Patrol boat, said the Commissioner.
Nu’usila told Samoa News that he has retained Fiti Sunia as his attorney and he will be fighting this case, so the truth can be revealed that he’s innocent.
The police officer in question has been placed on annual leave since he was served with his three-day notice, and Samoa News understands there was another inmate who assisted in the alleged assault.  


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