Ursula Teo-Martin of ASCC Land Grant/CNR Wellness Center leads the lively dancers in the Flash Mob that appeared at the Fagatogo Marketplace on the First Friday of December. Flash mobs are different, unique and most of all fun... an ideal way to promote the message "Let's Move American Samoa!” [courtesy photo]

They’ve been all over the internet for years — the phenomena known as a “Flash Mob”. Akin to a flash flood — but a lot more fun — a flash mob is a well choreographed song or dance group which seems to appear spontaneously in public places. It usually features some light-hearted performance or a surprise random form of entertainment.
December’s First Friday at the Fagatogo Marketplace was just the spot for the latest Flash Mob in the Territory (the first one was held at the Airport on a summer Flight Night.)
Organized by Ursula Te'o Martin, Exercise Physiologist at ASCC Land Grant’s CNR division, and assistant Fitness Specialist Ryan Taifane also of CNR/Land Grant, the Flash Mob took place right in front of the Marketplace, entertaining farmers, market goers and drivers passing by.
According to Teo-Martin, several groups collaborated to present the lively show: the Department of Commerce Marketplace Supervisor Mr. Limu Tau and his assistant Dan Magalei; Mr. Ammon Johnson, Manager of Minoi Minoi assisted with music and choreography; Tulaga Whitcombe and Flight Night Samoa took video footage to capture and promote the Flash Mob message via media, and all of the CNR agencies, most especially Dr. Micah Van der Ryn, Tipisone Faalogo and Daniel Helshem for media support.
 “We are very thankful for the opportunity to conduct the very first Flash Mob at the Fagatogo Market Place. It’s another opportunity to promote the ‘Let’s Move American Samoa’ Initiative. It was a spontaneous and unique event and although we experienced some technical difficulties it was enjoyed by all market place patrons attending First Friday. We are grateful for their willingness to allow this spontaneous event to promote physical activity amongst the Samoan people,” said Ursula Teo-Martin.
 The ASCC Wellness Center team also had a booth set up at the marketplace to assess Body Composition. “We conducted height and weight measurements to provide individuals with their Body Fat % (percentage) and BMI - Body Mass Index numbers. It’s important to educate and help people understand what these numbers mean… in the hope that it will motivate them to make healthier food choices and become physically active,” said Teo-Martin.
The Wellness Center team also had CNR EFNEP (Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program) staff members there promoting "lemongrass" tea as well as the CNR 4-H Youth Program (Head,Hands,Heart & Health) providing playful games and prizes for the public.
 The Flash Mob was a mix of Hot Hula fitness with favorite dance songs such as Roar, Gangnum Style and the Wobble to encourage physical activity through dance. It concluded with the song "Move Your Body" which is First Lady Michelle Obama's theme song to combat Childhood Obesity — and of course, there was also a Samoan Sasa to give it that special Samoan flavor and ignite the Christmas Spirit.
Approximately 80 men, women and children participated, consisting of CNR staff members, ASCC Financial Office staff members and included enthusiastic family and friends from the villages of Faleniu, Amanave and Alega.
Ursula told Samoa News, “Everyone had a blast...especially me! I thank all of our dancers for their energy and lively spirits. They made all the difference...Flash mobs are different, unique but most of all fun... an ideal way to promote the message "Let's Move American Samoa!”


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