Argosy University hands out scholarships to ASCC PTK members


Nine graduating students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society of the American Samoa Community College, were each awarded a scholarship by Argosy University-Hawai’i for a Bachelor’s degree program.
“You should be proud of your academic accomplishments,” wrote Kim Perez Hults, of Argosy’ Admissions to the recipients in separate letters. “We are awarding you a $6,000 scholarship to attend Argosy University, to be prorated over the length of your program.”
The scholarship award ceremony was held Tuesday evening at Tradewinds Hotel, where the local office of the university is housed and offers online courses.
Dr. Toafa Vaiaga’e, director of the American Samoa campus provided the keynote address, saying that the scholarship program is the university’s contribution to furthering the education of American Samoa students, adding that they are fully aware of the importance of education and the reason for providing this scholarship program.
In her letter to recipients, Hults said the university offers five Bachelor degree programs for the graduates to choose from: psychology, business administration, liberal arts, information technology and criminal justice. The next bachelor program for spring semester begins Jan. 2, 2014.
Hults, along with university vice president, Zachary Oliver, arrived Monday night from Honolulu to take part in the ceremony. Oliver expressed the university’s goal of furthering the education of local students saying he is pleased that they are able to provide the scholarship awards.
Scholarship recipients are: Seong Hee Hong, Marietta Lafaele, Maria Lorraine Magalasin, Wittenburg Mariner, Sia Niupulusu, Paulo Saulo, Zhiao Seng, Merieni Tupuimatagi and Nikolao Alo. Today these students are among those graduating in the ASCC 2013 Winter Graduation ceremony, which begins today at 10:00am.
Argosy University’s first local graduation was held August this year with 35 students graduating with their Master of Arts in Education in Teaching and Learning, according to Samoa News archive.

[Leua Aiono Frost]


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