Am. Samoa Handball Association becomes member of ASNOC


The vote that the American Samoa Handball Association (ASHA) has been waiting on to be part of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee (ASNOC) has finally arrived and it was great news.
As of this past Wednesday, ASHA is now part of ASNOC, as they passed the vote to be part of the committee.
 Head of ASHA Carl J. Floor was enthusiastic and excited about being part of ASNOC and stated that he is happy that American Samoa will participate in one of the fastest growing games worldwide.
“It's a great feeling to be recognized for all of the hard work. I sat all of the ASHA kids down after receiving the official phone call and thanked them for their commitment,” said Floor. “I explained to the kids that first and foremost they have earned this privilege and secondly they must carry themselves and hold themselves to a higher level, because they now represent not only their family, village and school, but American Samoa also,” he explained.
He said that the sport of Handball is growing rapidly and for American Samoa to take part is awesome. According to Floor, Auburn University just announced this week that will be hosting the USA University National Championships.
 “This validates the future opportunities for our student athletes and I am very excited to add this opportunity as another one of our goals,” he said. Floor explained that the next step for ASHA is to train coaches and officials.
“I feel very strongly about this because they (officials/coaches) are the key to the program’s success. It does not matter right now how many players we have, if we do not have qualified coaches and officials. I am very grateful and happy to have joined the ASNOC family and I would like to thank every member who supported us. I owe a special thank you to the Veterans Memorial Stadium Sports Complex Manager Toleafoa Henry Tavake for being the first person to recognize what myself and my staff are doing and giving us an opportunity to train. I must also thank Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga for his support, for not only me, but for all athletes who train at the complex,” said Floor
The ASHA wishes to invite any young boy and/or girl ages 9-17 to come and join them to learn the exciting game of Handball and as always, the ASHA states that the training is free. They train Monday through Friday starting at 3:00 p.m. For more information you can contact Floor at 770-4954 or send an email: cjf@americansamoahandballassociation.com.
You can also visit their Facebook page at: American Samoa Handball Association.


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