Dear Editor,
From the time that the LBJ hospital was given to the local government to operate, two things have been abundantly clear: it's been a financial disaster— and a constant war between every professional certified doctor or hospital administrator ever conned into coming here and the un-certified local medical practitioners controlling LBJ.
I realize that it is politically incorrect but it's the truth. Jealousy, animosity, insecurity, whatever the cause, the certified professionals life's at LBJ have all ended up a bad experience caused by this LBJ plague.
It has now raised its ugly head again over the Primary Care operation— run, of course, by certified professionals. The Governor and his Hospital Board need to put an end to this situation once and for all.
Everyone who can use it,  prefers the Primary Care over the local Medical clinic or the ER for a reason— Professional care and being treated like a real patient seeing a doctor and not a number seeing a practitioner with a "why are you here bothering me?”
Example— I recently visited the ER reporting in at 12.15PM. With three other patients there, I sat without a word from the LBJ staff until 3.45pm,  finally getting up and leaving without seeing anyone. I’ll take an appointment over that treatment anytime. 
Our hospital just cannot continue to operate with local politics and personal agendas making the decisions because our very lives are at stake.
Jim Brittle


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