Bah Humbug — gas prices on their way back up

Christmas not so merry this year says OPM

It’s not going to be a very merry Christmas for motorists and residents of American Samoa as the new maximum allowable price (MAP), or wholesale price of petroleum products in the territory will increase just a week before Christmas.
“I am sorry but I carry not-so-good tidings for all of American Samoa's fuel consumers,” said Sione Kava, the petroleum officer with the ASG Office of Petroleum Management, in releasing the new MAP, which goes into effect Dec. 16.
He said the prices of all petroleum products will increase under the new MAP and this is “directly influenced” by a hike of 3.71% in crude oil prices from the previous two-week period— from $106 - $110 per barrel.
This is “coupled with the emergence of fresh demand from Indonesia, strong buying interest in Asia but a tight supply due to the explosion at a refinery in China,” Kava said, but quickly added he’s “wishing all a safe driving and fuel conserving holiday.”
The biggest hike in the new MAP is for gasoline— an increase of 9 cents per gallon to $3.73, according to OPM data released yesterday, while the average gas price at the pump is currently just a little over $4 per gallon.
Additionally, OPM data shows that there will be a seven-cent increase in the new MAP for jet fuel — up to $3.72 per gallon and kerosene will be hiked (also by seven cents) to $3.73 per gallon.
 Furthermore, diesel fuel’s new MAP will increase by eight cents per gallon, with road diesel at $3.98; boilers/generators $3.67; commercial fishing vessel diesel $3.52; and other marine diesel $3.59.
According to OPM there is an increase of 8.2 cents per gallon for the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) for the road (which is used by several school buses) and boilers/generators (used by the eleven generators at the American Samoa Power Authority in Satala).
After Dec. 16, the next MAP will be released Jan. 1, 2014, and Kava reminds residents that how the New Year will look for American Samoa in terms of petroleum prices is something that is primarily controlled by outside forces.


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