Hawkeye: With a humble heart

“Everything we do seeds the future. No action is an empty one.”

“I am not afraid of storms, for I‘m learning how to sail my ship.”

And here we go again with another “Gut Wrenching” episode from your favorite foul, Hawkeye.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were waiting to negotiate the intersection at ASPA the other day, when Leanor said: “Why Don’t they put in another “Twaffic Circle” like the one there by “Mickey Dees?” Hawkeye answered: Be patient my Dear one cuz that is likely to happen when “Chickens Grow Lips!” Hawkeye went on to point out that first there were some badly needed repairs to the Airport road.. Leanor simply picked her nose, and said oh!

There was a couple of Homos wandering around by the Post Office. Hawkeye asked them if they were lost. One fellow said that they were looking for the museum. Hawkeye pointed across the street to the J.P. Haydon Museum, and told the guy that this was one of two Museums in the whole village of Hooterville. He said: “Oh Yeah,” Where’s da udder one? Hawkeye said: You is standing in front of it! [DUH POST ORRIFICE].

Speaking of Museums and the US Post Office, the Postal Service is losing about $8, ooo, ooo, ooo per year according to the Republican nominee for Vice President of the United Estete, Paul Ryan. In Hawkeye’s humble opinion, the Post office is going under due to excess Union Entitlements. It is payback time.   The Party is over.  While Hawkeye was living in mainland America, he lived right next door to a Postal Employee. This Homo-sapien was amazed that Hawkeye was not a member of some sort of labor union. He said that Hawkeye would be screwed in the end if he didn’t get himself affiliated with a labor union. Hawkeye asked the Homo-sapien if he was aware that “Chick-fil-A” was the only fast food outlet that used nothing but “Gay Chickens!” This was somewhere around 1982, when the Chickens Eyes were still blue! This could be where the Chic-fil-A tycoon got confused? Is there a law against “Gay Chickens?” Hawkeye is here to say that he will not take sides with either the “Gay Chickens Union,” The “Gay Rights Movement,” or any other movement. Hawkeye is a staunch believer that it is each to their own. As long as they aren’t bothering Hawkeye, he could care less. Live & Let live…. As for the gay chickens at Chick-fil-A, who cares? Hawkeye could care less who he sits next to either, at “Chick-fil-A” or at the lunch counter at F & C Woolworths! Some Homos are still living in that dark period of segregation, which never should have happened in the first place. So; “Leave the little Gay Chickens alone!” Over… There is one thing however to be taken in to consideration: you side with Chick-Fil-A or you don’t, but one thing is fo sho; “If ya want Chicken, ya need both a hen and a rooster!”

Speaking of the Post Office, we should by all means support our US Postal system by utilizing the Express and Priority Mail Systems. This is the way to go folks. It’s like taking da Bus, and leaving the driving to us! If the citizens of the US will come together and utilize what is available, and as long as the US Postal Workers will “Annie up” and come to the party in cutting expenses, we can shave off Eight Billion Dollars in a hot flash! The problem nowadays is that there is too much corruption starting from the top, on down to the Homo that sweeps the floor. The Homo that is sweeping the floor by Union Standards could be making as much as a CEO in the Private Sector. This is where the economy gets rather top heavy. We as Americans must come to the party, and remind the rest of the free world, and San Diego, that we can still “Lead!” If Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor can’t lead the parade, there ain’t nobody a-gonna March! Humm… This is what we need now more than ever fans. We need someone who will forget the small s&%t and Lead! No one can follow if there is no leader! Hawkeye don’t believe in making it good for the kids. Hawkeye wants to make it right now so he can enjoy the good times for once in his life! The Kids can assist in paying their College Tuition and helping Mammy & Pappy with this, then they can have what is left over when the old folks “Kick Da Bucket!” If “The Chillren” want to go to college, they can assist Mummy & Deddy financially by getting part time jobs at “Chick-Fil-A!

Moving over to the mainland United Estete, Hawkeye watches the disgusting one sided news coverage of the Presidential race.

Where in the heck is “Fox News Live” just when we need it? According to some mainstream media, Romney is a total klutz. Hawkeye rather doubts that he became a multi millionaire by being a total Klutz. Humm. Hawkeye heard that Obummer & Romnley both are looking out for Space Aliens together.. This is a good thing..

Until Next week, keep it kleen!

Love from Hawk & Leanor


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