ASCC's slow registration frustrates parents, students

Students camp overnight at ASCC to register

Students and parents alike are upset with this year's slow registration process at the American Samoa Community College.

Registration for new students was on Aug. 15 and the following day was for returning students.

Students started showing up on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning before 2am to be in line, according to the parents, who say that some students waited in line for more than 12 hours just to get registered.

Parents who contacted Samoa News were upset with the inconsiderate college staff who told students who were unable to complete their registration on Thursday to return yesterday (Friday) morning only to find out “there was a staff meeting” so the students had to return at 12-noon instead.

“This is so inconsiderate of the college. How about students who live further away and have to come back again. How about the students from low income families, with limited money and have to go back and forth to the college just to get registered,” said parent Judy Taufete'e.

“There has got to be a better registration process than this,” said another parent, who arrived at the ASCC campus at 1am Thursday morning to find many students already lined up outside the registration office.

Yet another parent, who did not wish to be identified said, “Is there a better way registration at the college can be done? Online registration? But that requires the students to actually go to the college and use the college computers to register... even that method is chaotic!”

Taufete'e said that when she took her niece to the ASCC campus at 3am on Aug 16 there were already “so many students on campus already…”

“This is the only college in the territory and there has to be another way to have this slow registration process expedited,” she yesterday morning via cell phone from the ASCC campus. “As the only college in American Samoa, ASCC should have done the registration process this whole week especially with the enrollment at ASCC going up every year.”

Taufete’e was also disappointed with ASCC's lack of accessibility for students like her daughter with special needs. “The enrollment counter is not accessible to students with special needs. The counter is too high up , making it difficult for a student - like my daughter - in a wheelchair to reach the counter,” she said.

An ASCC student took photos of the long lines and students camping out at night and gave it to his mother, who distributed the photos to the news media. Some photos show students at night waiting on campus, other photos show students standing in the long line at day-break.

Samoa News also heard from students who waited in line for hours and were disappointed with the registration process. A student confirmed that one actually had to be at ASCC to enroll online.

At least two students from the Eastern District said they got to ASCC at around 3am Thursday and already so many students were there trying to get a spot in line. “It has been a long registration process,” said one student.

ASCC officials did not officially respond to complaints over this year's registration while students called their parents, friends and local news media to complain. Some of them took their frustrations on line to the social media sites posting messages about their frustrations with the registration process.


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