UPDATE: AS resident arrested by FBI at Honolulu Airport


An American Samoa resident was arrested Thursday afternoon at the Honolulu International Airport by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for allegedly committing a federal crime on board an aircraft.

Honolulu based FBI spokesperson Tom Simon said 22-year old Luavalu Seuva’ai was a passenger on board a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Manila, Philippines and the defendant is charged with “abusive sexual contact aboard an aircraft”.

Because of federal court scheduling issues, Seuva’ai is currently held at the Federal Detention Center - just outside of the Honolulu airport — until his arraignment Monday, but the time is not firmed up yet, Simon said via e-mail from Honolulu late yesterday morning.

The “affidavit in support of the arrest along with the criminal complaint/arrest warrant” cannot be filed with the federal court clerk until Monday due to these same scheduling issues, said Simon, adding that details surrounding the allegations against the defendant are contained in the affidavit which is not yet part of the public record and therefore cannot comment.

Further information was unavailable at this time on this case and electronic federal court records have yet to publicly release any details on the charges. Monday’s federal court calendar does not show Seuva’ai name.

Responding to Samoa News requests for comments on this case, Hawaiian spokesman Keoni Wagner said airline crew reports indicate that an adult female passenger complained to a flight attendant about an adult male passenger touching her inappropriately.

“Our flight attendants moved the male passenger away to another seat and asked our pilots to request that law enforcement meet the flight on arrival at Honolulu International Airport,” said Wagner via e-mail from Honolulu late yesterday afternoon.  “Law enforcement did meet the flight, and our understanding is that the male passenger was interviewed and arrested.”

When comments were sought, Samoa News did inform Wagner that the FBI has confirmed identity of Seuva’ai being arrested and in custody.

Wagner did not identify the male passenger by name.


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