Faga’itua students wade through floodwaters


Faga’itua High School students ere released early yesterday after their campus  was flooded following heavy rains during the morning hours.
FHS vice principal Suaese “Pooch” Taase told Samoa News yesterday that it only
took 30 minutes for the water to accumulate and because there was so much debris that had piled up, the waterway was blocked and everything started backing up.
 “The rain was pouring hard, causing an overflow,” Taase reported, adding that flooding is not a common occurrence on their campus.
Another FHS official explained that debris including banana leaves and coconuts had piled up overtime and by 9:30 a.m. yesterday, the campus was flooded, both outside and in some of the ground level classrooms.
The debris was cleared by school janitors, teachers, and FHS staff with the help of several students.
The student body was instructed to gather in the gym, which is at a higher elevation, to await a decision on whether or not they were to return to class or go home.
Per protocol, Taase said he had to file an incident report with the DOE main office and they had to await approval from the DOE’s secondary division before releasing the students. He said once the approval was granted, they had to contact the school bus drivers so the students can be transported home.
“We didn’t want to release the kids and have them standing around on the road in the rain,” he said.
According to Taase, one of the buildings that flooded (Bldg. D) will be torn down and rebuilt, at a higher elevation.

Yesterday’s morning downpour had students from Faga’itua High School wading through water up to their ankles after accumulated debris stopped up the drainage outlets and water backed up over the campus and into ground level classrooms. After consultation with the DOE main office, FHS vice principal Suaese “Pooch” Taase told Samoa News the students were released to go home early. [photo: Samoa News facebook]


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