Xmas Xtras: Steven and Sons Christmas deals

Steven and Sons in Tafuna, long known for its delicious hot food selection is now offering excellent deals on Christmas gift ideas including edible gift baskets, a beautiful array of fabric by-the-yard, authentic purses, perfumes and colognes. Pictured here are two of the company employees with store owner Tai Shalhout (far right). [photo: B. Chen]

Looking for an authentic COACH purse or a fragrance for that special person? Then head on over to Steven and Sons in Tafuna with your Christmas gift list and let them take care of the rest.
From their humble beginnings in 1998 in Ottoville across from the Tradewinds Hotel, Steven and Sons has grown to become a household name for hot food items. From their signature baked chicken to scrumptious taro drenched in coconut milk, Steven and Sons has evolved to become a “must stop” during the morning commute. Whether it’s coffee or pastries during breakfast, or brisket and lamb for lunch - there’s always something on the menu to satisfy even the biggest appetite.
Don’t forget to inquire about their personalized cakes that come in different sizes. Just give them a 24-hour notice and they will whip up a delicious cake imprinted with any photo you want.
In addition to food, Steven and Sons also carries beauty products, flower earpieces (sei), jewelry, watches, handicrafts, sarongs, and “fabric by the yard”.
For the men, choose from brand name colognes or Samoan inspired t-shirts. They even have items for music lovers, including high end products like the Beats by Dr. Dre.
For the ladies, you can never go wrong with jewelry, an authentic COACH purse, perfume, or a fabulous pair of shoes — all of which are in stock and on sale.
Right now, Steven and Sons is offering 20% off all Hawaiian print fabrics, shoes, and handbags while 10% has been slashed off the prices of perfumes and lotions, 14kt gold jewelry, church hats, shirts, and Samoan handicrafts.
The savings are incredible!
While there, browse through their holiday gift baskets that feature a variety of tasty crackers, cookies, chocolates, popcorn and other edible treats all beautifully wrapped and ready to go. No need to buy gift wrappers and tape.
Storeowner Tai Shalhout runs the business with her husband Steven and she said their goal is to one-day pass the business on to their six children.
She reminisced on how much their store has grown from a corner convenient store to the popular one it is today. Mornings at Steven and Sons can be overwhelming, with crowded parking spaces and a lot of foot traffic, as everyone stops in to get a quick ‘breakfast on the go’ or a plate of ‘heavy’ food — hey, bbq lamb flaps with banana or taro — just the brekkie or early lunch for the on-the-go worker.
Shalhout said the real ‘gem’ of their success is they cater to the needs of the community, by offering products and services that are in demand.
Such services include an on-site seamstress. Just walk in, pick out your fabric, describe your pattern, and the seamstress will have your items ready for pick-up in good time.
According to Shalhout, when she and her husband first started off, they operated their business with the help of family members. After spending a year at their Ottoville location, the Shalhouts moved to their current location in 1999 and now employ more than 20 people.
When asked if there are plans to open a second store elsewhere in the territory, Shalhout said “someday”, adding they are currently planning to renovate their current location because the building is just “so old”.
One thing’s for sure: No matter how the structure looks, Steven and Sons is definitely a local favorite.


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