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Erica Lafferty, daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim, Dawn Hochsprung, right, consoles Carlee Soto, sister of victim Victoria Soto after families representing fourteen families addressed the media, Monday, Dec. 9, 2013, in Newtown, Conn. Newtown is not hosting formal events to mark the anniversary Saturday. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) -- Newtown officials asked for privacy and joined victims' families Monday in calling for people to mark the upcoming anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by performing acts of kindness or volunteering with charities.
Relatives of more than half the 26 victims said at a news conference that they planned to light a candle on Friday night in honor of their lost loved ones. They also urged people thinking of the victims to find ways to give back to their own communities.
"In this way, we hope that some small measure of good may be returned to the world," said JoAnn Bacon, whose 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was among the 20 students and six educators shot to death in the school on Dec. 14, 2012. She was reading from a statement released by the families of all 26 victims.
The town has no formal events planned for Saturday, and officials have discouraged the news media from coming to Newtown.
CHICAGO (AP) -- Harmless lung cancer? A provocative study found that nearly 1 in 5 lung tumors detected on CT scans are probably so slow-growing that they would never cause problems.
The analysis suggests the world's No. 1 cause of cancer deaths isn't as lethal as doctors once thought.
In the study, these were not false-positives - suspicious results that turn out upon further testing not to be cancer. These were indeed cancerous tumors, but ones that caused no symptoms and were unlikely ever to become deadly, the researchers said.
Still, the results are not likely to change how doctors treat lung cancer.
For one thing, the disease is usually diagnosed after symptoms develop, when tumors show up on an ordinary chest X-ray and are potentially life-threatening.
Also, doctors don't know yet how to determine which symptomless tumors found on CT scans might become dangerous, so they automatically treat the cancer aggressively.
ATLANTA (AP) -- Full-bodied cameras known as SLRs have long been able to shoot high-definition video besides still images.
But when budding filmmakers use them, production results vary. It's not just the level of talent, but the additional gear available for the job. Fortunately, accessories designed specifically for shooting video with SLRs have become much more affordable.
I've had a lot of experience with accessories over the years in my work as a multimedia journalist for The Associated Press. My job entails shooting a blend of video and photos on assignment.
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