Parks & Rec calls for end to vandalism

[photo: Jeff Hayner]

Department of Parks and Recreation workers were out yesterday at Utulei Beach Park repairing the showers that are installed next to the restrooms at the park. Deputy Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, Pili Gaoteote asks the public to please not cause anymore damage at Utulei Beach Park. He said that the power meter located at the backside of this building was also damaged recently as well.

“Our people are working very hard to maintain this beach by repairing things that should not be damaged,” said the Deputy Director. “We used to have three showers here and now we are down to two because one of them was recently damaged beyond repair. I am asking the public if they would please help us by informing us, or the Department of Public Safety, if they see anyone causing this unnecessary damage. We do not have much money from the government to be constantly fixing all these things,” he said.

“I know people complain about how things are damaged here, but if we don’t know about it, we cannot fix the problem. So please— let us know if you see anymore damage—or let the police know about if you see anyone causing this. You can contact us at 699-9513. People come here with their families to swim and have picnics and to have a good time. We wish to keep everything as convenient and working as well as possible for the public,” Gaoteote said.


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