Artist pretties up trash

[photo: Jeff Hayner]

A decorated trash can sits in front of a store in Pago Pago and is constantly being used by locals to keep the area cleaner than it has been recently, according to the artist that painted the can.

The artist who wished not to be identified said that she hopes everyone will follow suit.

“Since I painted the trash can a couple of weeks ago, people here in the area have been using it, keeping the area cleaner. I challenge everyone to paint their trash cans to see if their areas can be kept cleaner. It just seems like everyone is attracted to a pretty site,” said the artist.

One resident of the Pago Pago area said to Samoa News that he has also noticed that the area where the trash can is sitting is cleaner than before. “I wish everyone would paint their cans. It’s art that can be seen by everyone. I think that all of the villages of the island should do this. I noticed a lot of kids throwing their trash in this particular trashcan. Why not? It’s beautiful art that attracts everyone, even out of curiosity,” said the resident.


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