Video: Back-2-Back Undefeated ASHSAA Football Champions — the Tafuna Warriors

Tafuna High School’s excited Warriors proudly smiling to finally have the Championship trophy in their hands, something that they’ve been fighting and working hard for throughout the whole season, leading up to their final victory of 44 - 6 over the Sharks last Saturday. [photo: TG]

“Undefeated and Always will” were the T-Shirts the Warriors coaching staff and majority of the fans and supporters wore last Saturday during their patient wait to collect their second Back to Back Undefeated Championship Title, after beating Samoana High School 44 - 6 in a game that had the Sharks on the edge of their seats in the first half of the match.
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Tafuna 44 - Samoana 6
As Samoana’s defensive unit gave the Warriors a very hard time in the first half of their championship game, the Warriors continued to pound the ball forward, but didn’t manage to capitalize compared to majority of their seasonal match ups this year.
The Sharks defense had it coming, and they stood their ground well defended, but it takes more than the defense to win a game, and it was their offense that kept giving away two points to the Warriors on shotgun snaps that rolled to the end zone for two safety conversions, and a touchdown for the Warriors, which just added onto their 44 - 6 lead.
Samoa News witnessed the Samoana crowd beginning to yell out to their coaching staff to “change the center” who snapped 2 safeties, and a touchdown for the Warriors all in the first half. Moving into the second half, Samoana continuously ran their shotgun play, which were nail biting conversions for the Sharks as the ball kept getting over snapped to Tafuna’s advantage.
Blaming the center was what the majority of the Sharks fans did – but Samoa News saw it as “Not the Centers Fault”.  Instead, Samoana coaches should’ve adjusted back to their regular formation when they knew their shotgun formation attacks weren’t working from the start of the snap. With a team like Tafuna, you just don’t get to make those kinds of mistakes without impunity — which in this case was a big blow out loss for the Sharks.
Awards Ceremony
Offensive Players of the Game: Warriors - Offensive Linemen
Defensive Player of the Game: Sharks - PJ Fuimaono
Most Valuable Player of the Season: Warriors - Frank Mauigoa

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Named the Offensive Player of the Game, was Tafuna High School’s Offensive Linemen Unit. [photo: TG]
Awarded the Defensive Player of the Game was PJ Fuimaono of the Sharks. [photo: TG]
Only a junior at Tafuna High School, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the Season, the Warriors starting Quarterback — Frank Mauigoa. [photo: TG]


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